About Rodrigo Pena Photography

Rodrigo Pena, a photojournalist since 1989, is based in Palm Desert, Calif. His photographic eye was developed by his father as a youngster when they would talk about art especially the Italian Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Raphael, Titian and many, many other types of artists.
Rodrigo's father, Richard Pena is a retired studio photographer and taught the business to his only son. While attending college, Rodrigo became a part-time photographer for the local newspaper and he found that photojournalism is what coursed through his veins. After graduating from college with a B.A. degree in Studio Art, Rodrigo decided to pursue photojournalism and has been doing so ever since.
Rodrigo has won numerous local and regional photo contests including the Society of Professional Journalists (Inland Empire Chapter) 2007 Photographer of the Year. Rodrigo has a keen sense of timing for sports, great eye for features and vast experience at lighting for portraits. Rodrigo is a full-time freelance photographer who is available for assignments.